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The TOP 15 BEST Budget Folding Knives For EDC - 2023

What Are Best Cheap Knives?

The best inexpensive knives include the Eafengrow EF223 Folding Knife (around $20) with a D2 steel blade, the Ontario Rat I which uses AUS8 blade steel, the Kershaw Natrix 7007 under $30, and the Gerber Gear Zilch and KA-BAR Dozier, both under $20, all offering high-quality features and impressive performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Eafengrow EF223 Folding Knife, with its flipper action, D2 steel blade, G10 scales, deep carry clip, and usable lanyard hole, is one of the top choices for budget knives. Priced around $20, this knife is an exceptional deal considering its features.
  • The Ontario Rat I, renowned for its AUS8 blade steel, is considered a king in the budget category and is highly recommended.
  • The CRKT Drifter, with its 8Cr14MoV blade steel, offers good value for the money. The author puts in a good word for it based on personal two years of ownership.
  • The Kershaw Natrix 7007, priced under $30, has earned the author’s admiration for its value, making it one of the top budget-friendly knives.
  • A great budget find at approximately $25, the Gerber Gear Zilch comes highly recommended from the author.
  • The Husky Folding Knife, costing just $7, is an excellent budget pick and perhaps the best EDC knife from China under $10, according to the author.
  • If you’re looking for a pocket knife with a strong lockback mechanism, the KA-BAR Dozier, which costs under $20, is a solid choice.
  • The Benchmade Griptilian is valued for its drop-point blade design, sturdy locking mechanism, and ergonomic handle—even though it’s a bit more expensive than the rest, the author still considers it a good budget knife.
  • The Spyderco Byrd Meadowlark 2, a budget version of the Delica, and the Buck 110 LT, a lightweight version of the original Buck 110, are other worthy mentions for quality budget knives.
  • The author advises against purchasing the Milwaukee FASTBACK knife, based on their personal experience and lack of satisfaction.

The TOP 15 BEST Budget Folding Knives For EDC – 2023

There's a vast assortment of pocket-friendly knives in the market, but some certainly stand out due to their precision, toughness, and overall functionality. For instance, taking their respective prices into consideration, the CRKT Drifter and Kershaw Natrix 7007 find a balance between quality and affordability. The CRKT Drifter, made from 8Cr14MoV blade steel, has impressed me with its longevity and dexterity. I've owned this knife for around two years, and it has proven to be reliable for countless outdoor adventures. Now the Kershaw Natrix 7007, priced under $30, is truly a testament that you don't have to break the bank for a remarkable EDC knife. It's a personal favorite, one that I find myself reaching for often due to its tough-as-nails construction and sleek design.

Now, let's talk about maximizing a tight budget. If you're looking for a knife around or even below the $10 range, two names surface: The Husky Folding Knife and KA-BAR Dozier. Priced around $7, the Husky Folding Knife is arguably the best EDC knife hailing from China. It's not just about its rock-bottom price; this knife does not compromise on durability or performance. On the other hand, if sturdy lockback mechanism is what you desire, the KA-BAR Dozier, a pocket knife under $20, is your best fit. I've used the KA-BAR for various tasks, and it never once faltered. Another noteworthy budget find is the Gerber Gear Zilch, which offers remarkable quality for its approximate $25 price tag. It's a choice I stumbled upon after perusing a Gideon's tactical review and found it to be well worth the investment. Irrespective of your budget, there's a reliable, rugged, and practical EDC knife waiting for you.

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What is a cheap knife?

When it comes to identifying a cheap knife, you’ve got your general indicators – usually they’re fashioned from lesser grade materials. Think along the lines of plastic or stainless steel. These just aren’t the kind of materials you’d associate with a top-tier, high-end blade. Instead, these more economical types are produced en masse in large factories. There’s minimal artisanal involvement or hand-crafting to speak of. It’s entirely down to a production line system that spews them out at a rapid pace while keeping costs at a bare minimum. So, if you come across a knife that’s suspiciously budget friendly, chances are it falls in this category.

What knife is considered a good all around knife?

If you’re asking for my personal recommendation, I’d steer you toward the Benchmade 202 Leuku. It possesses the sort of characteristics that you’d want in an all-rounder. For starters, it’s got this incredibly grippy handle that really makes a difference in your slicing and dicing endeavors. Your hand won’t tire out even after extended use, plus it gives you absolute control. And then there’s the full tang – a feature that speaks volumes about a knife’s durability and strength. But what truly sets this knife apart, and why it takes the cake in my books, is its exceptional steel. With solid edge retention and a toughness that’s way off the scales, it’s tough to beat and worth every penny!

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What is the best everyday pocket knife?

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