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how to fillet fish with electric knife

How To Fillet Fish With Electric Knife?

Fish is one of the best choices to fill up the dinner table with superb and delicious dishes. Fish comes in a variety of sizes that enable to make different kinds of recipes. It is the best source of protein that is beneficial for your health.

But what happens if you are unable to fillet fish properly? In fact, without a perfect fillet, you are unable to make a lovely dish for your dinner. Here I will discuss how to fillet fish with an electric knife. If you use an electric knife for filleting fish this article will help you a lot. So let’s start

Why Electric Knives Are Best for Filleting Fish?

For many fish, it is very easy to use an electric knife. It is so because, with an electric knife, the overall yield will be high as compared to the regular knife. If you are looking for the best knife for filleting your fish, then electric knives would faster and more effective than others.

They are cost-efficient and perform the task within a few minutes. If you are interested in it you can read our full electric fillet knife reviews. We hope you’ll find some high-quality and very effective knives for filleting.

What Things Should You Consider While Using an Electric Knife?

The first step to using an electric knife to fillet fish is to determine the type of fish that is the best candidate for the electric knife. Some of the indications that show an electric knife as the best choice for fillet a fish are:

  • The fish is of standard shape. It can swim perfectly. Its head is small and can lay flat on the kitchen cutting board.
  • The fish have round ribcages and thick bones. These fish can provide better yield by cutting through bones straight along their spine and then remove the bones from a fillet. Fish such as big rockfish, red drum as well as striped bass are the best examples.
  • The fish has hard and big scales. Fish that have hard scales are the best candidate for the electric knife. These are the fish that can beat up any standard fillet knife and also require heavy pressure.

Characteristics of Fish That Makes Them a Bad Choice for Electric Knives

Some of the characteristics that make fish a bad choice for the techniques are:

  • The fish are oily and soft. Mackerel and catfish are the best examples. The electric knife will beat up these fish and meat are easy sticks with the blades.
  • The fish have tiny pin bones such as milkfish, pike, and trout. These are the fishes that are served better by the precise tool that helps in removing bones.

How to Fillet Fish With an Electric Knife?

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The steps that guide how to fillet fish with an electric knife. Let’s see the full step;

Step 1. Wash the outside surface of the fish thoroughly and carefully.

Step 2. Make a small cut down to the spine that goes from the top side to the bottom. You need to start at the head base and end behind the pelvic fins of the fish. Suitably angle the blades in such a way that it can cut slightly to the front side of the fish. It gives you the maximum yield of meat.

Step 3. When the knife blades stop at a spine, you need to make the right angle turned to the tail with the help of blades.

Step 4. Now cut the tail with an electric knife so that it skates across the fish’s spine. Care should be taken while doing it.

In case when you hold the knife handle lower or higher than a point, then you may lose the meat.

Step 5. Now cut the fish skin throughout an end with an electric knife.

Step 6. Now flip the fish over and over again.

Step 7. Now remove the skin while cutting down to fish skin and hold ends with the fingers. Turn the knife on and hold the fish straight to the cutting board. Cut it completely.

Step 8. Now follow the ribs silhouette to remove from a fillet. It can also be done with an ordinary knife also.
Step 9. Repeat this step for another side.

Step 10. Thoroughly see the fish whether it contains any bones or not. There are fins sometimes at the bottom and the top side that should be removed. Sometimes tiny chips of spines will stick at the center. Clean these parts with a sharp knife.

At the end rinse the fish with cold water, dry it and store it in a refrigerator.

Importance of an Electric Knife

Importance Of Electric Knife
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An electric knife is very essential for filleting a fish. It is best because of its effectiveness. Here are some reasons to use an electric knife for filleting a fish.

01. Effectiveness

Electric knives are best for cleaning as well as filleting fish. These are sharper than any ordinary knives. If you are going to fillet fish with a non-sharp knife, then the shape of the fish will be ruined completely.

02. Not for beginner

If you are new to filleting fish, then it is not a better idea to start filleting with an electric knife. It also ruined the fish completely.

03. Saves time

It will save you precious time. The traditional knife will take more time to fillet a fish. Time is important when you are professional in filleting.

Filleting a Fish Demand Time

If you have no knowledge of how to handle an electric knife properly, then it will ruin the fish. One thing that you are required to keep in your mind is patience while using an electric knife.

Once you have a better understanding of filleting fish, then you can easily cut the fish with an electric knife. So, take the proper time and care to make your dinner memorable and delicious.


You notice that the process of filleting fish is similar to a traditional knife. But when both knives are compared, then it will clear that electric knives are the best and most effective ones. It will save lots of your time. It can easily handle and work perfectly.

Some of the fish are bigger in size, so for that case, an electric knife is compulsory. The electric knife is always ready to make whole things stress-free. So, you should also try it to make filleting easier and more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use an electric carving knife to fillet fish?

As someone who enjoys a good fish dish, I can confidently say that using an electric carving knife to fillet fish is not just possible but also quite efficient. When compared with a traditional fixed-blade knife, there are a few subtle changes that you’d need to make to your filleting technique, but the basic process remains the same. Firstly, you’ll place the fillet on a secure cutting board. Once you’re ready, you’ll make a cut straight down across the fillet, locating it right behind the gill of the fish. Importantly, this cut should reach all the way down to the fish’s backbone. **This method ensures you’re working efficiently and getting the cleanest cuts possible.**

How do you fillet salmon with an electric knife?

As a seasoned cook who often works with fish, I’ve found that filleting salmon with an electric knife is a rather uncomplicated task with a few simple steps to follow. **Details of these steps might depend on the specific type and model of your electric knife.** To begin, hold the salmon by its tail. With the electric knife running, cut upwards along the backbone until you reach the fish’s ribs. Continue cutting along the ribs, making sure to keep the knife level so you don’t puncture the belly. Once you’re finished, you should be left with a perfect salmon fillet, ready to be cooked to your liking. An electric knife ensures you get neat, even cuts, and allows for quicker processing, especially when you have multiple fish to fillet.

Do electric fillet knives work?

As a longtime fisher and cook, I have found electric fillet knives to be incredibly efficient in filleting not just large fish, but especially smaller ones. **In my experience, electric fillet knives have significantly speeded up the process of cleaning, especially with copious quantities of fish like panfish.** Electric carving or fillet knives give you a clean cut, remove excess waste, and save a lot of time compared to manual filleting. For instance, when cleaning panfish or a big crappie, the difference in speed and efficiency is noticeably stark, which makes an electric knife my preferred choice.

How do you fillet crappie with an electric knife?

In my fishing trips, crappie often ends up on the menu and throughout my experience, I’ve mastered using an electric knife for crappie filleting. However, the specific steps would vary based on the design and the mechanism of your electric knife. **But the general idea involves holding the crappie securely and making clean, careful cuts to cleanly separate the fillets from the bones.** The power and precision offered by an electric carving knife can make this task much easier and quicker, especially when you have an abundance of catches to clean.

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