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Do Knives Get Dull in Dishwasher

Do Knives Get Dull in Dishwasher? Everything You Should Know

Before putting your knives in the dishwasher you should know, do knives get dull in the dishwasher? Because no one wants to damage their expensive kitchen knives.

However, in this article, I have explained everything about knives and dishwashers. I hope you will like this comprehensive guide.

Because here you will learn the best way to wash your knives, how to store and all knife-caring tips so that you can use them for a long time.

Do Knives Get Dull in Dishwashers or Not?

Washing a knife in a dishwasher continuously will cause it to dull over time. The knife’s delicate blade edge gets easily knocked around by the washer’s powerful cycles, causing them to dull. Moreover, the typically strong detergents used in dishwashers contribute to dulling a knife. 

The wet environment of a dishwasher can also enhance your knife’s susceptibility to rust and corrosion. Even knives advertised as being dishwasher safe pose the risk of dulling and rusting in a washer.

Why You Should Never Put Your Knives in the Dishwasher?

What causes knives to dull in dishwasher

A dishwasher typically runs on powerful washing cycles that can knock your knife’s delicate blade around.

Additionally, to wash different items, a dishwasher integrates abrasive ends and uses pretty strong washing detergents that contribute to damaging your knife’s blade as well.

Which Knife’s Parts Damage First Between the Blade and Handle?

The first knife part that gets damaged in a dishwasher tends to be the more delicate blade. While the damage starts small, over time, it extends to complete dulling and rust build-up.

The powerful cycles, detergents, high temperature, and humidity also affect the handle over time, causing it to warp and discolor. A non-triple riveted handle will see its rivets rust or fall off while a non-riveted one simply snaps eventually.

Does an Expensive Knife Go in the Dishwasher?

Even expensive knives should never go into the dishwasher. No matter the type of material used,  your knife can still suffer damage in the washer.

After all, it’s not about the material. Instead, it’s the constant banging around caused by the washing cycle, high temperatures, and humidity that contribute to the damage.

Are Ceramic Knives Dishwasher Safe?

One can technically refer to ceramic knives as dishwasher-safe knives. Their robust and rugged nature allows them to pretty much withstand the wash cycle conditions.

Nonetheless, like any other knives, you are still advised to keep ceramic knives away from the dishwasher. Tossing them in the washer still leaves them susceptible to the high-powered cycles that may cause the blade to chip.

Stainless Steel vs Carbon Steel Knife – Are They Dishwasher Safe?

are stainless steel knives dishwasher safe

Carbon steel knives feature an ultra-robust blade that can withstand a dishwasher cycle. However, their susceptibility to rust prevents them from being dishwasher safe.

On the other hand, stainless steel is famed for its incredible rust resistance. However, you should refrain from consistently washing stainless steel knives in a dishwasher as they may still be susceptible to rust and dulling.

Can Hand Wash Extend the Knife Longevity?

Hand washing your knife absolutely extends its longevity.  Hand washing calls for using water and mild soap which is gentle on the blade. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the washer’s harsh cycles.

However, hand washing alone isn’t sufficient. You have to incorporate other key practices to protect the knife. These include;

  • Not leaving it exposed to moist conditions, including the sink for a long time
  • Immediately cloth drying it after washing and storing it in a knife block

How to Clean, Dry, and Store Your Knives Safely?

  • Wash and rinse the entire knife using room-temperature water and mild soap. If you need to remove stubborn food residue, use a soft-bristled.
  • As soon as you finish rinsing the knife, use a clean kitchen cloth to wipe the knife dry.
  • Knives made from materials like carbon steel may need seasoning with mineral oil. In this case, apply a single coating of mineral oil on either side of the blade and gently wipe the surface with a cloth.
  • Next, store the knife in a knife block instead of in kitchen cabinet drawers. Placing the knife in a cabinet drawer with utensils puts the blade at risk of being knocked around with and by other utensils.

Are There Any Knives That Are Completely Dishwasher Safe?

While it’s advisable to never toss knives in a washer, you can still find dishwasher-safe knife options on the market. Here are our top 3 recommendations available  on the market;

Zwilling Professional 7-piece Knife Set

Zwilling Professional 7-piece Knife Set

The Zwilling Professional 7-piece Knife Set features a premium quality fabrication. In turn, this makes the set great for both professional and beginner cooks alike. Each knife blade features a durable SigmaForge forged German steel molded from a solid single piece of no-stain steel.

The German no-stain steel fabrication makes them dishwasher friendly. To reinforce the blades further, they go through an ice-hardening step to make them sharper and more resilient for longer. On the other end of the knife is an ergonomically designed triple-riveted polymer handle with a full tang design.

This premium knife set comes with a 3-inch paring knife, 5-inch hollow edge santoku knife, 5-inch serrated utility knife, 8-inch chef’s knife, and kitchen shears.

KitchenAid 16-piece Classic Forged Cutlery Set

KitchenAid 16-piece Classic Forged Cutlery Set

The Kitchen Aid Classic Cutlery Set boasts a 16-piece high carbon German stainless steel knife setup, allowing it to withstand the harshest needs.

To complement the premium knife set is a metallic painted wood knife block that fits and boosts the aesthetics of any kitchen setting. The set comes with a chef knife, slicer, utility knife, santoku knife, paring cutlery, along with kitchen shears.

To give you even better value,  all the straight-edge knives feature an integrated sharpener in their slot, making your kitchen knife easier with self-sharpening knives.

Furthermore, each knife features a streamlined engineered handle with a safety bolster and full tang to optimize control and comfort.

Victorinox Swiss Classic 15-piece Block Set

Victorinox Swiss Classic 15-piece cutlery set

The Victorinox Knife Set offers great value for your kitchen, packing all the essential knives for your home. The 15-piece knife set comprises paring, utility, steak, chef, santoku, and bread knives.

Additionally, the set includes honing steel, kitchen shears, and a clean hardwood block. Each knife features a high carbon stainless steel blade fabrication paired with an ice-tempered and conical ground finish for long-lasting sharpness and robustness.

The knives’ long and sloping curvature on the blades gives them a rocking motion for the best mincing and chopping results.

Furthermore, the knives are paired with a textured Swiss classic handle for optimal grip, balance, and easy handling. The handle design also reduces hand and wrist fatigue.


While some knives feature a dishwasher-friendly design, you should refrain from tossing them in a dishwasher. Using a dishwasher may be convenient for some. In this case, you should ensure you invest in a dishwasher-safe knife.

Nonetheless, in reality, despite the knife type, cleaning them in a dishwasher significantly impacts their durability and quality. The easiest way one can dull a knife is through continuous cleaning in a dishwasher.

Additionally, as mentioned above, hand washing alone doesn’t protect your knife. You want to learn the proper way to clean and store your knife to protect it from dulling or rusting.

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