Cookies Policy intends to offer detailed information about cookie policy.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is specially downloaded to a computer while accessing any webpages. The file allows the web page to store as well as retrieved information related to the user habits of browsing and equipment. It depends on the information and the appropriate equipment that is used to the recognized user by the 3rd party. It also enables users to make the next visit comfortable as well as easier.

How the “” Guide uses Cookies?

We place some of the cookies files in the user’s web browser when they use and access our services. We use these cookies for the following genuine reasons:

  • To enable special functions of the service
  • To enable the delivery of advertisements such as behavioral advertising
  • To store user’s preferences
  • To offer better analytics

How To Manage Cookies?

To know, block, eliminate, or allow any type of cookies that is installed on your device, you need simply configure the options of the browser you use. By changing the configuration, you can easily subtract functionality and hinder navigation from our website. If you want to get more information about the configuration process, you can also check different web pages of various browsers such as:

You can learn more about cookies and the following third-party websites:

What Type Of Cookies Did We Use?

Cookies can be “Session” or “Persistent” one. Session cookies are the cookies that are deleted instantly as soon as the user closed the web browser while the persistent cookies remain on a mobile device or personal computer when the user goes offline. We use both types of cookies on our service.

Besides these two cookies, we also use other types of cookies that run service.

  • 01. Account-related cookies uses these cookies to identify authentic users as well as provide fraudulent use of the user accounts. We use these cookies to remember useful information that can change the way the service looks and behaves such as “Remember me” functions.

  • 02. Essential cookies

We use essential cookies to remember important information that can change the way through which service looks and behaves such as the preference of user language on respective service.

  • 03. Advertising cookies

These cookies are used to provide advertisements on the service and also track its performance. It is usually used to enable the network of 3rdparty’sadvertisement for delivering related ads based on user interests and activities.

  • 04. Analytics cookies

We use analytics cookies for tracking useful information about the service used by the user and provide valuable information for improvements. We use these cookies to test upcoming features, advertisements, and pages to check how the users react to them.

Choices regarding cookies

If you would like to delete any cookies or may instruct the web browser to refuse or delete some cookies, then go to the help pages of the web browser.

Always ensure that when you refuse to accept some cookies or delete them, then you may not get all of the features provided by our service. You may unable to store preferences, as well as some of the pages, may not display properly.

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