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best chef knife for small hands

The 7 Best Chef Knives for Small Hands in 2023

What is the best chef knife for small hands? There are a lot of different knives in the market, but for a small hand, it would be hard to find the right size knife that will perfectly fit. Do you know what is the right size knife that will be best for a small hand?

In this review, I have mentioned the 7 best quality chef’s knives that would be best for beginners or professionals.

And in the buying guide section, I have explained what features you should look for before buying a knife. So dive into the review.

My Winner Comparison

Best Overall
  • Length – 6-inch
  • Forged blade construction
  • Three rivets with safety bolster
Check Price
  • Length – 6-inch
  • Cromova 18 Stainless Steel blade
  • Longer curved handle for comfort
Check Price
Best Premium
Shun Cutlery
  • Length – 6-inch
  • Beautiful Damascus blade
  • Perfect for both left and right-handed users
Check Price
Best versatile
  • Length – 6-inch
  • Japanese AUS-10V steel blade
  • Ultra-premium G10 handle
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best professional
Mac Knife
  • Length – 6.5 inch
  • Professional grade Alloy Steel blade
  • Durable full-tang handle with rivets
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Mercer Culinary
  • Length – 6-inch
  • Best for beginners
  • Easy to maintain
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Best Budget
  • Length – 6-inch
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • NSF approved and dishwasher safe
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01. Wusthof Classic 6-inch Kitchen Knife

6-inch Wusthof Classic kitchen knife

For chopping, mincing, dicing, and just about anything, the Wusthof 1040100116 Classic 6-inch knife is a joy to use. You would find it perfect for whatever use you have in mind.

Just at a glance, you can’t notice its robustness. It has a high-carbon stainless steel blade which gives you unmatched sharpness. Despite multiple-use, the edge will hold its own thanks to its precision edge technology.

Besides, the full tang connects by triple rivets to the handle to give you unrivaled balance and maneuvering ease. Its full bolster and finger guard make this German knife appropriate for safe use.

Meanwhile, the handle has an ergonomic design and material which offers good grip even in adverse conditions. The material won’t fade or discolor due to repeated use.

  • Precision cutting blade
  • Impressive cutting-edge retention
  • Full bolster and finger guard
  • Triple rivets with no joint
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Not a reasonable item

02. Global 6-inch Chef’s Knife

Global 6-inch cooking knife

The Global G-58 6-inch chef’s knife strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality. It comes as a single piece of construction of stainless steel from blade to handle.

That will be extremely durable for cutting and slicing. Besides, the knife edge is unbelievably sharp, and when it gets dull, whetting it is not demanding.

You’ll also find out that it would neither rust nor keep stains as long as it lasts. Meanwhile, the knife is easy to clean and safe for dishwashers.

The handle is robust and offers you maximum grip. Its handle has indentations that allow your hand to be steadfast under any condition of use.

Moreover, you won’t have to strain your hands as it is lightweight, requiring less force to handle it. Lastly, buying the Global G-58 6″ cooking knife is not a risky venture as the product has a lifetime warranty.

  • Ultra-sharp edge
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No sheath available with the knife

03. Shun Classic 6-inch Japanese Chef’s Knife

Shun Classic 6-inch Japanese knife for cooking

This is another Damascus-style chef’s knife from Shun. The quality VG-MAX steel blade has an ultra-sharp edge which requires less sharpening over multiple uses.

Besides, it has a broad blade surface to allow you to use it in packing cut ingredients into the pan.

You would also be excited by its comfortable handle, which is constructed from Pakkawood.

You don’t need to worry about the wood because its treatment is thorough making it durable and rot-free. Moreover, the handle is not selective in terms of using the left or right hand.

Asides from these, this 6-inch kitchen knife is lightweight so you can keep using it for long. Cleaning doesn’t require much effort as its blade doesn’t retain stains.

Aesthetically, the Shun DM0723 Classic Japanese chef knife is in no way wanting. The attractive handle and visible grains give it a pleasant appearance.

  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Sharp cutting edge
  • Stain-resistant
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • No sheath available

04. Dalstrong 6-inch Chef Knife with Black Handle

Dalstrong 6-inch Knife with Black Handle

It’s a great-looking knife from DALSTRONG which is only 6-inch long and would be a great collection for a small hand to start cooking.

First, the blade is super strong and razor-sharp. It comes with a full tang blade design, which adds some robustness to it as well.

The construction material is a custom Japanese high-carbon stainless steel. Forget rusting, that’s impossible, and it won’t stain either.

Also, the handle is a joy to hold. Its ergonomic design leaves you with nothing to worry about, no matter how long it’s in use.

The craftsmanship of the knife is sheer beauty. The intricate designs all over it will make you love it at first sight.

The handle is no less beautiful. Triple rivets make it durable, and a Tsunami rose finds its way on it as a rivet.

Lastly, it comes with a sheath for storing it away in Japanese style. You will find the packaging exquisite, and your friends will delight in you giving them this piece as a gift.

  • Ultra-sharp blade
  • High aesthetic appeal
  • Lifetime defect warranty
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Long edge retention
  • Not very lightweight

05. Mac Knife Superior 6-1/2-inch Santoku Knife

 6-1/2-inch Mac santoku knife

The Mac 6-1/2-inch Santoku knife is undoubtedly one of the best kitchen knives which is extremely sharp and durable. So, what makes it tick?

The blade is made from high-carbon steel to save your time and effort. I would like to say, you should handle this razor-sharp knife very carefully. Moreover, the edge retention is epic and does not require frequent maintenance.

However, at just 12 inches from handle to blade tip, it is perfect for small hands. The 6.1-inch cutting area is sufficient to do lots of cutting, chopping, dicing, and other kitchen stuff.

Besides, the blade is steadfast with the handle, thanks to three rivets that connect them. The handle has a delicate curve to give you a comfortable grip. Its Pakawood handle material gives it an exquisite appeal.

  • Ultra-sharp edges
  • Good edge retention
  • Comfort-grip handle
  • Elegant appearance
  • Not a beginner friendly

06. Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-inch Cooking Knife

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-inch kitchen Knife

Who cares about having small hands once you have the Mercer M20606 Genesis affordable chef knife? Asides from its being budget cutlery, its performance speaks for itself why many love it.

The knife is razor-sharp and able to cut a thin see-through slice of an item. The cutting edge stays that way for a long time before needing to be sharpened again. All of these are a result of its high-carbon stainless steel material.

Would it rust? Not by any means possible. The blade has a chrome finish which not only prevents rusting but acts as an anti-stain. It won’t also suffer discoloration as often found with many traditional knives.

In terms of balance, you’ll find the full tang a blessing. It connects with a handle that has an ergonomic design. The NSF-certified Santoprene handle offers the grip you need to work in any condition.

  • High-carbon steel blade
  • Full tang for balance
  • Razor-sharp blade
  • Durable cutting edge
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Unsafe for dishwashers

07. Victorinox 6-inch Fibrox Pro Chefs Knife

Victorinox 6-inch Fibrox Pro Knife

If you want it small to match your hand, then the Victorinox 47570 Pro Chef’s Knife is what you’re demanding.

It won’t take time to discover why it is highly favored among people. This highly affordable knife packs top-quality features to give you optimum satisfaction.

Just like a hot knife through butter, the blade of this small knife goes through veggies, meat, and so on seamlessly. The sloping curve of the blade makes cutting and mincing operations easier.

Also, it has a non-scratch and anti-rust surface. And the fact that it doesn’t retain stains makes it very easy to clean.

The handle is made from black Fibrox nylon, which makes the knife slip-proof even while you are slicing your food vigorously.

Moreover, the handle is thoughtfully made with curves to match the shape of your hand for a comfortable grip. What else? Of course, maneuvering this piece will be nothing but fun.

  • Anti-rust and anti-scratch
  • Non-slip and ergonomic handle
  • Portable
  • Multipurpose
  • It’s best only for small slicing job

Things to Consider Before Buying

best kitchen knife for small hands

Before buying a kitchen knife for small hands you should consider some features. These are;

The Overall Size

The overall size of the knife includes everything and the handle length is not exceptional. A knife with a blade length of 6-inch can have a handle length of 5-inch taking its overall size to 11 inches.

When talking about small hands, the size is a matter of concern. Knives with an overall length between 10 and 12 inches are just right.

You don’t need excessively long ones lest it affects the pressure that translates from the handle to the blade.

Its Weight

I figure that if you have small hands, you will probably need something light to match the size. A good knife should fall between 2.5 ounces to 6 ounces. You need to test several blades to determine which one works for you.

Meanwhile, the shorter the blade of the knife, the more likely it will be handle-heavy. The essence is to give you more control over the cutter as its movement is limited.

Easy to Balance

The weight distribution of your knife determines where it would find its balance. Poor knife balance will cause you to strain your hand as you’ll require more effort maneuvering it.

There is no hard rule to this one. You will have to try out several ones to know which is preferable to you. If you must exert too much force on its handle to get a result, it isn’t balanced.

Edge Types

Whether you have a large or small hand, you must check the edge type of the blade before buying the knife.

Blade edge types vary from V-edge, convex, compound bevel, hollow to the chisel, and asymmetrical edges.

The bevel edge is frequent among chefs as it offers a good sharpening option. It is also more versatile than the others. Meanwhile, each type has its application, only if you know how to use them.

What Blade Materials They Used

Blade materials play a lot of part in whether the knife will serve you well or not. What makes for a good blade material?

Choose the one with a razor-sharp blade, whetting ease, and durable edge retention. Also, it mustn’t rust and bail out on you too soon.

Oops! It seems I have just described a high-carbon steel materialOther blade materials include stainless steel, titanium, and other alloys.

Handle Types and Length

What has the handle type got to do with your choice? The answer is a lot! Handle affects your grip and cleaning ease as well. One offering ergonomic design and an easy grip should be your priority.

A good handle wouldn’t slip out of your hands regardless of what substance stains your hand. Handle length should be about 4-inches for small knives, 4.5-inches for medium-sized, and 5-inches for larger ones.

Using Comfort

Knives have different handle materials and styles. One which is comfortable to others may prove too uneasy for you.

When selecting, hold the knife to see if it wraps fine in your hands. Too hard, and you may feel the reaction in your palm. Go for those with ergonomic design. Besides, it should have sufficient knuckle space and a finger guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best small chef knife for beginners

What Size of Chef’s Knife Is Best for Small Hands?

There’s no need to fret about your hand size when you know which one suits yours. So, how do you know the perfect one for you?

The secret of getting the best knife for small hands is picking one according to its relative length with your forearm. As a rule, your perfect knife length will be that which matches the span of your forearm.

What Knife Size Do Chefs Recommend?

Chefs make use of different knife sizes in the kitchen. But which knife size is famous with them? The 10-inch knife is unarguably the go-to knife for most chefs.

It is perfect for most of the things they do in the kitchen. Be it cutting, chopping, or dicing, the 10-inch size comes in handy.

What Is Standard Chef Knife Size?

When it gets to knife choice, chefs do have their preferences. Chefs have a range of knife sizes and not just one.

The standard size range of chef knives is between 6 to 14 inches in length and width of around 11/12 inches.

Mastering the art of culinary involves knowing which knife size will deliver the best result in various applications.

However, for more information, I recommend you this article where I explained how big should a chef’s knife be.

Does the knife Length Include the Handle?

There’s no arguing that it is confusing hearing people talk about knife lengths, and you’re trying to picture how long the blade will be.

The knife length refers to the size of the blade. More specifically, I mean from its tip to where it connects with the handle. Most times, knife handles usually follow a standard size regardless of the shank.

Are 6-inch Knives Too Small?

So, you are looking forward to getting your knife set, and you’re wondering if a 6-inch knife is too small. 6-inch knives are not in any way too small.

They serve their function in the kitchen. Chefs would agree that they are indispensable as they make good pairing knives. Besides, the size of your hand will determine which knives are portable and which are sizeable.


Your hand size should not place an embargo on you enjoying your culinary routine. Since knives come in various types and sizes, you shouldn’t be stranded with an oversized one.

You only need to remember one thing. If you know what to look for, there’ll always be a knife for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best chef’s knife for most cooks in 2023 for home or restaurant?

The Misen Chef’s Knife takes the top spot as the best chef’s knife for most cooks, whether you’re at home or whipping up dishes in a restaurant kitchen in 2023. This knife has been universally praised for its versatility and value. It’s ideal for both novice cooks still mastering their chopping skills and seasoned chefs who requires precision in every slice. What makes it particularly appealing for beginners is it’s lightweight and easy to control, so you can focus on perfecting your technique rather than wrestling with a heavy blade. This 8-inch knife allows you to comfortably cut, slice and dice with ease, truly making it a kitchen must-have.

Which knife does Gordon Ramsay recommend?

World-renowned chef, Gordon Ramsay, who is known for his exacting standards in the kitchen, prefers to use Henckels knives. According to resources like MasterClass and the Acit Group, Ramsay’s choice reflects his preference for durability and efficiency. Henckels knives are a well-established brand from Germany. German style knives are celebrated for their robust blades that can easily tackle tough jobs like breaking down a chicken. Their added weight provide more heft, making hard tasks easier to deal with. So, if you thrive in a busy kitchen whether professionally or as a home cook, a Henckels knife is a good investment.

Which kitchen knife stays sharpest longest?

When it comes to maintaining a sharp edge over time, carbon steel knives takes the win. These knives not only deliver precision cutting but also maintain their sharpness longer than most alternatives. That’s a major benefit whether you’re a hardworking chef or a home cook. While all knives eventually dull with use, carbon steel knives extends the time between sharpening sessions. Because they stay sharper longer, they make kitchen tasks like chopping, slicing, or peeling more efficient. So, carbon steel knives can be a time saver as well as a kitchen safety enhancement.

What is the most used preferred knife by chefs?

A chef’s knife is the powerhouse of the kitchen. It is characterized by its versatility – from slicing to chopping to mincing, a chef’s knife does it all. A chef’s knife traditionally has a broad blade that tapers upward to a point, allowing the knife to rock back and forth for fast mincing. Chefs tend to prefer knives that offer a balanced blend of control, sharpness, durability and comfort, and the chef’s knife does a fine job in striking this balance.

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