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Are Wusthof Knives Worth It

Are Wusthof Knives Worth It? Read This First Before Buying!

Wusthof knives are worth buying primarily for their excellent value. These knives come with a stellar reputation, producing knives that offer razor-sharp blades and hold their edge well. Some Wusthof knives don’t require you to break the bank.

Nonetheless, they maintain superior quality and functionality. On the other hand, if you find yourself paying a premium price for a few select Wusthof knives, you should expect supreme, premium quality and durability from the knives.

The History of Wusthof Knives

The History of Wusthof Knives

The Wusthof knife brand has a long history, dating back to over 200 years. The very first Wusthof knife was manufactured in 1814 in Solingen, Germany by the family-owned brand.

Soon after, the brand introduced a range of over 1,200 models of various handmade bread, pocket, vegetables, and butcher knives.

Moreover, in less than 5 decades, the family business expanded its sales to the USA. Today, Wusthof currently exports knives from its Solingen facility to over 80 countries including Japan, the USA, and South Africa.

Two decades later, the brand still maintains its loyalty to the knife-making city in Germany. Each knife is manufactured using the same perfect, traditional artisanship to maintain the highest quality.

According to the Wusthof brand, the family business has spent the last two centuries honing its knives and techniques to perfection, as evident in the mark the business still leaves on the market today.

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Why Are They So Expensive?

Various factors contribute to Wusthof knives being expensive. For one, the brand name alone has garnered an international reputation for quality, which gives it a premium value.

Additionally, Wüsthof knives get their high price tag from the time and expertise put into crafting them along with the use of premium quality materials.

Are Wusthof Knives Forged or Stamped?

Are Wusthof Knives Forged or Stamped
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Some Wusthof knives are forged while others are stamped. For example, the Wusthof Classic collection features forged knives, while the Gourmet collection features stamped knives.

Typically, forged knives tend to be harder and offer better edge retention. On the other hand, a stamped knife tends to be lighter and easier to handle.

What About Wusthof Knives Durability?

Wusthof knives feature very durable construction. Every part of their fabrication complements their durability. They feature premium blade materials that guarantee razor-sharp and longer-lasting blade edges. They also integrate durable triple-riveted handles. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty.

Do Wusthof Knives Rust?

Wusthof knives rarely get rust built up on them. Generally, Wusthof knives feature stainless steel blades that combine a mixture of vanadium and chromium. The choice of stainless steel makes them fairly resistant to rust.

Nonetheless, with poor care, your Wusthof knife can still be susceptible to rust. Some of the factors that can contribute to rust formation include tossing them into a dishwasher or soaking them in a sink, to mention a few.

Are They Easy to Sharpen?

Wusthof knives are generally quite easy to sharpen. However, the magnitude of how easy it is to sharpen each knife depends on the type you have.

For example, sharpening a single-beveled Wusthof knife is easier than sharpening a double-beveled knife. With a single bevel knife, you only have a single side to worry about, making it easy to achieve a precise angle.

Are They Dishwasher Safe?

Most Wüsthof knives are labeled as being dishwasher safe. However, you want to avoid washing Wusthof knives in a dishwasher to preserve their durability.

Frequently washing even stainless steel knives can cause the blades to chip. Additionally, doing so can also increase the chances of rust formation.

Do Professional Chefs Use Wusthof Knives?

Professional chefs do use Wüsthof knives. The Wusthof brand stands amongst the most preferred knife brands by most professional chefs, thanks to the stellar 200-year premium brand reputation. In fact, the knife is even backed by popular, celebrity chef’s such as Gordon Ramsay.

Still, you should remember that knife choice has all to do with personal preferences. Most chefs don’t just look at the brand. Instead, they consider the knife’s sharpness, balance, versatility, and of course, comfort level.

Are Shun Knives Better Than Wüsthof?

Are Shun Knives Better Than Wüsthof
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It depends on what exactly you want. Both Wüsthof and shun offer incredible knife quality and longevity. These knives typically differ in craftsmanship.

While Wusthof knives are German-made, Shun knives are Japanese-made. Wusthof knife blades tend to be harder and perform better on tough jobs.

On the other hand, the Japanese-made Shun knives offer thinner and sharper blades, making them great for precision cutting jobs.

Which Line of Wusthof Knives Is the Best?

The Wusthof Classic Knife is the brand’s best-selling and top-rated line. The Wusthof Classic line uses high-quality German steel and traditional German craftsmanship.

In turn, it produces premium quality knives while adhering to the respective traditional knife-making principles, whether it’s a kitchen knife or cleaver.

Do Wüsthof Knives Have a Lifetime Warranty?

All Wusthof knives come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. This means that despite the time if you notice defective workmanship or material defects, the manufacturer will repair or replace your knife with a new one, free of charge.

Top 3 Wusthof Knives for You

Here are my 3 favorite Wusthof knives on the market at the moment;

WÜSTHOF Classic 8-inch Chef’s Knife

WÜSTHOF Classic 8-inch Chef’s Knife

For everyday kitchen tasks, the Wüsthof Classic 8-inch Chef’s Knife never disappoints. The classic kitchen knife is ideal for chopping, mincing, dicing, and slicing.

Fitted with a high carbon stainless steel blade and tempered to 58 degrees HRC, the knife handles different food items, you can use it with fish, meat, poultry, vegetables, and fruits.

Moreover, the chef’s knife integrates an innovative Precision Edge Technology, giving you up to a 20% sharper blade with twice the edge retention as regular knives.

On the other end of the knife is a triple-riveted 4.5-inch long handle with a full bolster finger guard for excellent grip and safety. The handle features a molded premium plastic material that resists fading and discoloration.

Wüsthof 7-inch Santoku Knife

Wüsthof 7-inch Santoku Knife

The Wusthof Santoku knife is built to transform everyday essential cutting tasks. Articulated with a straight-edge blade with a narrow sheep’s foot design, the knife is perfect for dicing, slicing, and mincing. Its robust and heavy-duty blade allows you to use it with meat, vegetables, and fruits.

The knife is fitted with a high-carbon stainless steel blade to give it incredible resistance to corrosion, dulling, and staining. To complement its functionality further, the knife features a hollow blade with dimples.

This dimpled construction allows for swift, cleaner cuts, preventing food from sticking to the blade. Furthermore, the classic Santoku knife is crafted with a dual riveted synthetic handle for ergonomic grip and comfort.

Wusthof 7-inch Nakiri Knife

Wusthof 7-inch Nakiri Knife

If you want to elevate your vegetable-cutting experience, the Wusthof 7-inch Nakiri Knife is the perfect companion. The knife is fitted with a rectangular-shaped blade to boost its functionality. However, what makes it stand out is the ultra-thin blade compared to a cleaver.

The blade is designed with a 10-degree cutting, straight cutting edge with evenly spaced vertical indentations. This blade design creates small hollow air pockets between the blade and food during cutting, for easy food release. Furthermore, the knife’s strong blade is made from high carbon stainless steel tempered at 58 degrees HRC.

This gives the knife incredible strength, whether chopping parsley, carrot, or watermelons. Additionally, the rectangular-shaped knife features a full tang, triple-riveted polypropylene handle and safety bolster for functional use.

Wrapping Up

Even with their premium cost, Wusthof knives prove to be worth the investment. Made from premium quality materials, the knives guarantee long-lasting durability and functionality.

Wusthof blades are razor-sharp and have a longer-lasting edge. Their handles also provide excellent grip, balance, and comfort. Using Wüsthof knives certainly transforms your kitchen prepping experience.

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